Hotels & Restaurant Candles

Hotels & Restaurant Candles
Our candles are long lasting with self trimming wicks to help maximize burn times. Simple, classic designs for every day use in restaurants, banquet halls, nightclubs, hotels, and spas.
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Square 5 inch

Square 5"X 4,6,9,12 Inch80 ,120,150,200 hours burn timeUnfragranced Pillar Candles are the per..

Square 6 inch

Square 6"X 4,6,9,12 Inch200 ,250,300,400hours burn timeAvailable size: 4" to 40 inchUnfra..

Square3 inch

Square 3"X 4,6,9,12 Inch60 ,80,120,180 hours burn time.Unfragranced Pillar Candles are the pe..

Oversized Hurricane Candles

Our over sized candles go up to 1 meter tall with a diameter or width of up to 25cm wide.  Thes..