Oriental & Sufi Designs

Oriental & Sufi Designs
The beauty and elegance of the brass candle hurricane is truly breathtaking. We offer a variety of yellow and nickel brass designs that when lit from within, the golden light reflects from the brass radiating luminous rays of light. These Egyptian hurricane candles are truly special and sparkle the room with ambiance. From traditional to contemporary, you will find a design that is calling out your name. Each comes with a tea light or a glass candle container depending on the size of the hurricane. What makes them even more special is that they will stay with you forever...all you have to do is replace the tea light or glass container. Just light and enjoy!
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Kol Sana Wentom Tayebeen Candle Set

A lovely gift that celebrates so many occasions. Shiny, polished brass from top to bottom including..

Baroque Fleur de Lys Hurricane Candle

By mixing several designs from the baroque period, we came up with this extremely detailed, yet exqu..

Baroque Swirl Hurricane Candle #2

A golden touch of elegance is what these oval shaped hurricane candles with a brass baroque swirl de..

Butterfly Brass Candle Set

This exquisitely detailed brass butterfly candle set makes not only a lovely gift for someone specia..

Peacock Hurricane Candle

This peacock candle design is absolutely exquisite.  It takes a very talented brass maker  ..