Weddings & Events

Weddings & Events
Not only will you find all the basic candles and containers you need for a wedding, but we can customize and personalize your candles and giveaways to make your occasion even more special.
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Alf Mabrouk Brass Candle Set

Alf mabrouk, meaning 1000 congratulations, in a shiny, polished brass candle set from top to bottom..

Brass Gift/Special Occasion

A lovely special occasion brass candle from top to bottom with attached base. Alf Mabrouk, Maasha A..

Glass Containers

We offer an array of colors with these delicate, small square glass containers that will add a littl..

Kol Sana Wentom Tayebeen Candle Set

A lovely gift that celebrates so many occasions. Shiny, polished brass from top to bottom including..

Masha Allah Brass Candle Set

Maasha Allah in a shiny, polished brass from top to bottom including attached base. This makes a ve..