About us

Since 1999, Candle Connection has become recognized for quality, handmade candles and accessories. Known as the “go to” candle manufacturer in Egypt and throughout the Middle East, Candle Connection has an excellent reputation for service, reliability and a sincere respect for honoring deliveries.

Specializing in intricately detailed hand cut brass, both traditional and modern in design, we also include all the basics. Tea lights, classic tapers and pillar candles, in addition to a broad collection of decorated candles made with plexi designs, vinyl and direct printing in a rainbow of colors to choose from. Custom designed candle holders, bases and containers are also a significant part of our growing collection.

Wedding & Event planners, 5 Star Hotels, restaurants, corporate accounts and retailers are who our clients are. We work closely with the individuals who shop through our showroom in search of a gift, wanting to accessorize their home with the perfect candles or to arrange customizing a special giveaway candle for a baby shower or wedding. We make every candle for every style and occasion.

Our mission: To brighten your days and illuminate your nights by creating a warm, glowing and intimate atmosphere.